Revealing a New Wall in Wasfi Al Tal Street
30 May 2022
Pikasso added a new Wall to its Roadside Inventory: the Honda Motorcycle Wall (W01) located on Wasfi Al Tal Street, one of the most trafficked commercial axis of West Amman.  

This Wall is 120 m2 (w: 15 x h: 8 m), which is a very strategic location as it is visible from more than 300 meters coming from Al Waha Roundabout towards Khalda Circle. 

Wasfi Al Tal serves as one of the high purchasing power streets offering a variety of showrooms to include: Automotive, office furniture and residential interiors, in addition to many fashion and retail stores.  

The street also serves as a destination for restaurants such as McDonalds, Buffalo Wings & Wings, Crispy Chicken, etc.., as well as hosting a selection of beauty shops.
Moreover many bank branches are on Wasfi Al Tal Street such as Arab Bank, Bank Al Etihad, Ahli Bank, Cairo Amman Bank & Al Rajhi to name a few. Lastly, Carrefour Market is also on the same street. 

Honda Motorcycle Wall is illuminated at night.